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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 15, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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coming up tomorrow, my husband. set your dvrs. also, for a replay of meriam. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. a chilling new video has surfaced online revealing exactly what the united states and its allies are up against regarding the fight against radical islam. memory tv published a video showing a gaza imam raising an assault rifle during a sermon in which he blasted israel. let's take a look. [ speaking in a foreign language ]
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>> remember last week the president said the islamic state is not islamic? this comes at the same time isis released a third video showing the beheading of a westerner now the victim this time is a british aid worker, david haines. now, british prime minister david cameron, he addressed the execution with these very strong words yesterday. take a look. >> the fact that an aid worker was taken, held and brutally murdered at the hands of isil sums up what this organization stands for. they are killing and slaughtering thousands of people, muslims, christians, minorities across iraq and syria. they boast of their brutality. they claim to do this in the name of islam.
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that is nonsense. islam is a religion of peace. they are not muslims. they are monsters. >> all right. fox's own ed henry is standing by at the white house with the latest on how the administration's responding to all this. a "new york times" report today, ed, the air strikes will not be shock and awe. >> no, look, sean, i think they're trying to lower expectations for that because they have been going out of their way to say this is not going to be like the wars we saw in the bush administration. making a political point on that on one hand. on the other hand there's a substantive point that they're not sending ground troops to iraq or syria, not large scale numbers of them, and, yes, not going to be shock and awe. they're trying to downplay those expectations. they know it's going to be a long haul that's why you see secretary kerry in the mideast struggling to put together a
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coalition. put up with -- as u.s. plans air strikes in syria, we don't have people on the ground there the way we do in iraq but has not put up war planes. could do that. left the door open to that after the beheading of this aid worker. but look at the arab allies. the u.s. is hoping to roll out some commitments from coalition members next week at the u.n. when the president's at the u.n. general assembly in new york city. but in the meantime without the commitments, without them naming names of which arab nations will be there, i pressed josh earnest on where's the urgency right now. the president himself laid out the stakes last wednesday night. so is this not a failure for secretary kerry to not get this coalition together? >> based on the very strong statements that we're seeing from public officials representing these other governments, there is a clear indication that this coalition together is coming together very nicely. >> now, interesting that as they struggle a bit with the allies, the u.s. is now starting to reach out to some foes like
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iran, potentially russia as well, to help deal with the isis situation. you saw the supreme leader in iran tweet out today an odd form for him to do that suggesting that the u.s. made a formal request for help from iran here. the u.s. didn't quite shoot that down saying, well, maybe it wasn't a formal request but there were back door conversations with iran about potential help here. and josh earnest very interestingly left the door open for getting help from vladimir putin. he was helpful since he's close to syria and president assad, he was helpful before in getting the chemical weapons turned over, maybe he'll be helpful with isis. seems like a long shot. >> the president mentioned the optics were bad when he played golf after he had just spoken about the beheading of i believe james foley at the time. he went to play golf after this announcement. number two, do we have any confirmation that these arab nations are in fact on board, that they are willing to come out publicly? >> no, we don't have that confirmation. we're certainly getting from the
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administration, look, get us more time here, be patient. they don't want to dribble it out, is what they say. that they have gotten some commitments from arab nations. they want to do it all together. that's why we suspect it could be next week in new york when the president is going to be giving a big speech to the united nations. that would be one place to lay it out. in terms of the optics of this, you're right. the president took a beating over that, publicly, in the polls as well. his approval ratings and whatnot. they've indicated to us privately that right now they're trying to pull back on politics. slow down perhaps maybe some of the fund raising and whatnot. i'll tell you they do say privately come october when the midterms will be in full gear, the president's going to be out there on the campaign trail campaigning regardless of the national security crises. >> ed henry at the white house tonight. meanwhile white house officials are now saying several arab countries have offered to join the u.s. efforts to destroy isis, as we just heard from ed. here with reaction the author of "counterfeit lies" colonel oliver north.
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colonel, before that, the arab countries and whether or not they'll get in, there's this reluctance. the president, the islamic state is not islamic, now prime minister cameron saying they're monsters, not muslim. why is there a resistance to identify radical islam for what it is? >> well, they think by doing so -- i'm not trying to put myself in their shoes, they don't want to try to alienate 1.4 billion muslims around the world. they don't want to describe what's really happening. that is radical islam is alive and well. it's not simply isis or isil or the islamic state. but what you end up with is instead of operation iraqi freedom or operation enduring freedom, you now have operation enduring confusion. as of yesterday the o-team apparently decided we are at war with isis. >> you're referring to his interview with bob schieffer. >> exactly. and now kerry is saying he's
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building a robust coalition to take on what is today the biggest, best-armed, wealthiest and most bloody terrorist organizational force in history. here's a few of the challenges they face, sean. number one, no one has offered to put boots on the ground in syria. now, that's going to be a real problem if you're going to expect to have so-called moderate opposition taken out with air strikes. air strikes are great. but it takes rough men with rifles to seize territory, liberate hostages and catch killers. and this from a report i get every day from people on the ground out where i actually belong in irbil, they're saying it's going to take at least a year to re-equip and mentor and field a multisectarian iraqi army. they also say the u.s. is yet to deliver any reasonable amount of arms and equipment to the peshmerga and that it's going to take eight to 12 months to recruit, vet, equip and train the so-called free syrian army
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of 5,000 fighters to take on 35,000 isis fighters from 70 nations. >> but the syrian rebels as reported in the hill this weekend agreed to a cease-fire with isis, number one. and rand paul, i think, has made a pretty compelling case in this sense that those arms could very well end up in the hands of isis because they have before. >> well, the arms going to peshmerga are desperately needed for the people supporting us. they're now getting support of course from tehran. and albania has signed onto help. the problem we have today is al baghdadi is going to produce another snuff flick, a propaganda video with another person being beheaded bragging his coalition is bigger than obama's. he's got 70 nations worth of so-called isis islamic jihadists fighting in his 35,000-man army that grows every single day. and reaching out to the iranians and russians has never been a good idea. the russians need to hang onto their base. and the iranians are building nuclear weapons. >> last question, diane foley,
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the mother of james foley, in an interview reported by the upi actually said her and her family were intimidated three times and they were forbidden from going to the media. and if they attempted to raise money to pay off ransom for their son and that they were threatened with prosecution three times. now, this becomes a delicate issue. i don't think the united states should be involved in it, but if they wanted to individually do that, who are we to stop them? >> well, unfortunately there is a law on the books that forbids the paying of ransom. we're talking about dealing with terrorist organizations. and isis is a terrorist organization, recognized as such. and not everyone's going to raise the comparison between bergdahl and what could have or maybe should have been done for foley and sotloff and now british aid worker. the reality is things changed. i know something about talking to families of hostages.
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i've been there, i've done that. but the law was different at the time. the law passed in i think 2002 changed the world for it. i hope to god they didn't threaten the family. >> that's what she claims. three times he intimidated us with a message. >> i understand. what i'm saying is it would be responsible for someone with compassion to explain to the family what the law says and then let the family go do what they have to do. we know the "new york times" was ready, willing and able to put up money to get their david rode freed. he knows that, we know that. >> colonel, thank you. appreciate it. also developing tonight is the white house pressuring congress to vote in favor of arming syrian rebels to help defeat isis. here with reaction from the capital, arizona senator john mccain. senator, according to the hill this weekend the syrian rebels agreed to a cease-fire with isis. did that change the equation, do you think? >> well, they haven't. and they're still being slaughtered. and they are still a corps of
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brave young men, many of whom have died, and are still fighting for freedom and i believe they can still be viable over time. let me say i just heard, and it may be wrong, that no arab country has agreed, middle eastern country, has agreed to engage in air or ground support against isis. this is a direct result of american indecision and lack of credibility. when they see the president of the united states compare yemen and somalia with a 30,000-man terrorist organization with tanks and equipment and the size of indiana, compare that to yemen and somalia, they don't believe the president is either serious or he's diluted. one of the two. when you talk about a coalition, i think you're going to have great difficulty, sean, in getting any middle eastern country to cooperate in any fashion because of the decisions the president's made including the commitment to bomb syria and
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not to. by the way, i could show the president targets on the map today that he could be bombing and killing isis people, the same ones that carried out this hideous decision. why the delay in the bombing campaign in syria, i'd be very interested to know. >> couple things as we've been reporting tonight, number one as they said in "new york times," no shock and awe. i think we were very telegraphed no boots on the ground, now we're saying not an overwhelming campaign, now we have no arab countries and on top of that i am concerned about this report about syrian rebels and the cease-fire with isis. senator -- >> that's not true. it's not true. it's not true. i don't care about the report. i know these people intimately. we talk to them all the time. but also let me point out that if we are going to conduct a conflict the way you are describing it, and i'm afraid that's the case, this is reminiscent of vietnam. the gradual escalation that ended up in one of the worst defeats that america has ever
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suffered. >> let me ask you about what your colleague rand paul said about it this morning. it's a mistake to arm them. most of the arms we have given to so-called moderate rebels have wound up in the hands of isis because isis simply takes it from them or it is given to them and we mistakenly actually end up giving it to some radica radicals. >> has rand paul ever been to syria? has he ever met with isis? >> i'm not trying to cause a fight, senator. >> no, no, we're going to have a fight. because it's patently false. this is the same rand paul that said we didn't want to have anything to do with anything to do in the middle east, by the way. i don't want to get in a fight with him at all. but it's not true. i know these people. i'm in contact with them all the time. and he is not. and he is not. and he is not. >> senator, i know your background. i believe you when you say you have sources on the ground. but i've got to be clear because i was a little surprised. it was in the hill, it was in this weekend they cite the syrian observatory for human
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rights monitoring events for the united kingdom. and what they said the groups agreed to a nonaggression pact in which they promised not to attack each other. you're saying this report in the hill by this group is false? and you know for a fact? >> i'm saying i know for a fact that the free syrian army is being attacked by both bashar assad and by isis. and they havndreds of casualties at the hands of both. i know that they are not giving up their fight. i know that we can make them strong and resilient. but arming and equipping 5,000 a year in the face of a 30,000-man army means that the united states of america is not serious. >> listen, i'm not saying these are easy questions to answer. >> sure. >> we can go back to arming the muj hadine in afghanistan many, many years ago. some of which have later been used against americans. it seems like a very delicate question. do we need to examine it further? more deeply?
7:15 pm
and know the people's hands these weapons are going to get in. certainly you're concerned about that. >> well, i'm concerned. by the way i know of no incidence where the mo -- ended a single american. >> no, the weapons ended up in their hands. >> i don't know that the weapons did that either. you'll have to help me out on that. but second of all, i do know these people, i know what they're committed to. i know the fact the president refused to help them two years ago over the recommendations of his secretary of state, secretary of defense and head of cia was a drastic and terrible decision to make. so, yes, there are no good options. there are down sides to everything. but i guess i'd have to ask those who don't want to supply the free syrian army with weapons and equipment, what is your option? no resistance whatsoever? >> senator, i'll tell you what my option is and i think the president's taken it off the table is it's got to be shock and awe. >> right. i agree with that. >> senator, it breaks my heart
7:16 pm
that every piece of land that our brave men fought, bled and died for, so much of that land has now been given back to an even worse enemy because we didn't have the insight and wisdom. you did. and by the way to your credit to follow-up with intelligence and training, all that land, all the treasure, the price that we paid was so high. and to see those cities falling the way they did and do nothing, how would you feel if you were the parent of one of those soldiers that lost their lives? i wouldn't be feeling very good about it. >> can i tell you it breaks my heart too. 96 brave americans in the first battle of fallujah. and over 600 wounded. and all of that sacrifice was wiped out because of our failure to leave a residual force behind. and if anybody tells you that we couldn't have are lying to you. >> i agree with that. >> because we could. and lindsey and i were there. and i agree with you. it breaks my heart. >> and it was unnecessary. and that's because we're now fighting wars and they're becoming politicized.
7:17 pm
and through this political prism decisions are being made. and without any consideration for the sacrifice. and that's vietnam. and that's also iraq. and that's a shame. and that's not fair to these men and women. >> i totally agree with you, my friend. and i hope to work more with you on this free syrian army issue. >> i just want to make the right decision, senator. >> thank you for what you're doing. >> appreciate it. senator, thank you. coming up, the obama administration can't seem to get on the same page about isis. are we at war with these guys or not at war? when we come back, explain how libertarians and the far left would prefer to defeat isis. that and more as "hannity" continues tonight. h. heartburn.
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welcome back to "hannity." so last week the president laid out his four-part strategy to deal with isis. but what do libertarians and those on the far left think of the plan? here to help answer that question, former democratic congressman, fox news contributor dennis kucinich. >> you ask me this 700 times a week. >> i'm asking. >> i pull out my id. i had 15 names. i had to shorten it and it's the one i knew would annoy you the most. >> question, what do we do as it
7:21 pm
relates to isis? they've declared war on us. >> i know. it's awful. they're beheading government aid workers. >> kwha do you want to do? >> honestly what i want to do the emotional peasant in me, i want to round them all up in the desert, i want to promise them super bowl tickets and get them away from all civilians and all society and then i want to drop a nuclear device on them. that's what i'd like to do. >> what do you really want to do? >> practically i don't think that i can implement the plan. but it's the plan i would like to implement. honestly. >> i want to obliterate them. and i think we're going to have to. >> but how do you do that? >> i'll explain in a minute. >> dennis -- >> cutting pennies because that's not going to work for this, my friend. >> they've declared war against us. we're afraid to declare war, we're afraid to say radical islamic. if we don't fight, we're going to have another 9/11 commission report that's going to say they're at war with us when they're beheading americans and promising to meet us in new york and we didn't do anything.
7:22 pm
what should we do? >> well, first of all, we should follow the constitution. and there shouldn't be any action taken by the united states unless congress votes on it. >> i agree with you. >> that's the constitution. number one. number two, we have to redefine national security. we can't continue to provide fronts for people who turn on us. you stated in an earlier interview, you have a situation where people that we've been funding are now in a nonaggression pact with isis. the lesson there is, sean, we don't have friends in that area. we have to stop sending money in there. stop sending arms. because they're always going to be used gen the united states. our first concern has to be america. we don't have any friends there. what does it mean? we have to stop the interventions. we have to quit pretending we can overthrow governments -- >> sound like you're blaming america we caused this. they hit us on 9/11. >> i'm not blaming america, it's about protecting america. iraq wasn't in our interest. al qaeda didn't have roots in iraq.
7:23 pm
al qaeda came into iraq later -- >> i would argue we drew them in, number two, the world was better off, number three, we won the war. >> we did? >> yes, we did. >> sean -- >> there was an emerging democracy. the worst thing we did was not continue to provide intelligence and training. >> sean, if i may. you and i have some questions here about intelligence. did our intelligence tell the white house, for example, that qatar and saudi arabia were funding these rebels and were funding groups that ended up participating with isis? >> you don't have to convince me that the saudis are due policetous. >> what i want to hear is the president talking about having an alliance of people who are going to do our dirtiest work. i think you know if you're going to defeat and destroy and degrade isis and use whatever horrible d-word you can think of to annihilate them, you can't just do it with an air war. i think any practical military strategist knows that.
7:24 pm
americans don't want to protract a war. they don't want to create another vacuum. they certainly don't want to arm people who will use our weaponry intelligence against us in the future. >>e're going to continue this discussion. a libertarian point of view. both sides. kennedy, thank you. dennis, thank you. you can catch kennedy when she hosts "the independents" coming up next on "hannity". >> it would be very important for the democrats to retain control of the senate. civilization as we know it today would be -- >> civilization in jeopardy. house minority leader nancy pelosi takes the language of the left to a new low. we'll check in with frank luntz. later, one-on-one with former obama advisor austin goolsbi. and was charles barkley right about using a switch on your kids. no question about that. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow.
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welcome back to "hannity." so the 2014 midterm elections are quickly approaching, only 50 days away. it's clear liberals are starting to worry, even house minority leader nancy pelosi is nervous and losing it. check this out. >> why do i care if they lose the senate? >> it would be very important for the democrats to retain control of the senate. civilization as we know it today would be in jeopardy. >> oh, oh -- this is isis are threatening civilization. oh, no. >> yeah, it is, it's really important. >> civilization, frank luntz, as we know it is in jeopardy. >> there's a reason she's so unpopular. people don't need to hear that. they need people solving problems, not people scaring others. what we're looking for and these are two words i've not used on this show before, consistency. say what you mean, mean what you say. and they want clarity. they want to understand exactly where the administration is going and why they're going there. and in both cases it's not
7:28 pm
happening in washington. >> all right. i think everybody has made up their minds on obama. you either like him or you don't like him and support is dwindling every day. here's who i'm more mad at. i'm mad at republicans. we're 50 days out of an election. in january or february of this year i put forward conservative solutions. i want to control the border first. i want to balance the budget, the penny plan, solution. people can understand cut one penny out of every dollar. energy is the answer because look at north dakota, look at midland, texas, 0% unemployment rate. i want a consensus alternative five years after for obamacare. >> all of these people agree. here's the problem, in two words. harry reid. >> no. >> you know the rules of the senate. >> i know the rules of the senate. but the average american, i'm mad at republicans, they should say elect us and we'll do these five things. >> here's the problem, how are they supposed to speak through the mainstream media? how are they able to speak
7:29 pm
directly to voters? >> i'm not buying that. >> you cannot get it through the senate. >> they can come on this program. they can come to conservative radio. every time they're on any of the networks, they're invited on the networks, go say it. >> your viewers are going to agree with you and disagree with me, but i will tell you this directly and bluntly, we did not have this conversation before, we're doing it now. if republicans stay home, you're going to regret it. >> i don't want them to stay home. >> but that's what this conversation actually does. >> here's what's missing. >> that there's no reason -- >> you know the headline in the hill last week was? republican strategy for september, do no harm. you no what that sounds like to me? that sounds like politicians. here's what i think is missing, an inspiring vision. five solutions to get america back to work, to secure our borders, an alternative to the health care mess. what's so hard about this? >> this is what most individual republicans are doing. >> you were there for the
7:30 pm
contract. >> yes, and i was there for 2010. and i know. i bluntly right now if the republicans don't take the senate, it will not be because they failed to win independents. it will be because they lost republicans who didn't vote. >> okay. >> a big deal. >> you're making my point. i'm saying they're not out there inspiring them. >> do you not see a difference between harry reid -- >> orvf course i do. i eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. say the average person wants the basics to get out of poverty, get off welfare and have a -- >> the average person watching this show is living paycheck-to-paycheck. the average person is struggling to make ends meet. which political party is more likely to cut wasteful spending? which political party is more likely to -- >> you know what, frank, if they would have spelled it out in a five-point plan and gone out
7:31 pm
united, not the contract for america, solutions for america. they would unite people. say, okay, we're going to give you the chance now. >> here's my offer to you. it's exactly what they are doing even if they haven't talked about it. criticize them for their communication. >> right. >> this is what the leadership wants. >> you got to talk. they're in the business of communicating. >> i understand that. and there should be more advertising. there should be more marketing. but in the end this is what they do. >> last question, would they be better if they took my five-point plan and made it universal and sold it as a team? >> at solutions for america. i'll take your language. but i'm just nervous that you all are going to stay home. >> i'm not staying home. i'm just saying they can do better. they can do better articulating who they are, what they stand for and how they will change the country for the bet sgler and give them a chance to have the majority in the senate. >> you've got to inspire people. they're dull. and they sound like politicians. >> is scott walker inspiring? >> yes.
7:32 pm
>> is paul ryan inspiring? >> yes. >> is bobby jindal inspire sng. >> yes. you just named the best ones. >> is rick perry inspire sng. >> yes. >> i just named the crew for 2016. they're all inspiring. that's the leadership. >> you're in the communications business. they need to communicate better. and i am really -- they are taking an opportunity and they're playing it safe. and they ought to be out there saying positively how they'll make the country better. >> the commercial has been paid for by sean hannity for the free -- advice. >> coming up next tonight here on "hannity". >> there's no outcome in november that anybody could say would be great for democrats except for barely holding on to the senate. >> all right. a rare moment of honesty from propagandaist jay carney. i'll go number one with a former obama advisor. >> we do that all the time. every black parent -- be in jail under those circumstances. >> all right. i'm going to shock you.
7:33 pm
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sfx: blowing sound. does breathing with copd... ...weigh you down? don't wait ask your doctor about spiriva handihaler. this is not going to be a good year for democrats by definition, right? there's no outcome in november that anybody could say would be great for nkts except for barely holding on to the senate. >> that was former white house propagandaist jay carney sounding the alarm democrats should be very worried about the upcoming midterm elections in 50 days. while mr. carney blames the bleak outlook and the timing of the election, another more plausible factor may be in play, and that is the failed liberal economic policies of obama and his democratic allies. for example, since president obama took office back in 2009 he's now at the end of his sixth year, over 11 million americans have dropped out of the labor force. and according to the latest
7:39 pm
statistics a number of americans living in poverty has dramatically increased. you can see right there. number of people on food stamps has skyrocketed under obama. there you have it. more than 46 million people are now needing programs to help them. here with reaction, former obama economic advisor austin ghoulsby. >> you lost me at hello, sean. >> i did. there's one thing i do not want to hear at the end of his sixth year of this guy's presidency that it's bush's fault. i don't want to hear it. i don't want to hear anything about george bush -- >> i never even use george bush. >> every time i've interviewed you bush, bush, bush. >> the numbers that you cite there. >> yeah. >> you consistently want to date to the middle of a recession. >> no, i date it to the day he took office. >> correct. which is the middle of a recession. >> okay. george bush inherited a recession. >> i never said george bush. you said george bush. >> it's nearly six years,
7:40 pm
austin. >> they lost 5 million jobs in obama's first year. and since then we've added 10 million jobs. you keep saying, but if you look -- >> the common core. we can get around the answer. and it it's close we'll say okay. that's his record. and you know what else is his record? $7 trillion in new obama debt. he will have accumulated more debt than every other president before him combined. >> look. hi. in the last five years we've added almost 10 million jobs. even you got to admit that's at least heading the right way. >> austan, look at the number of people on food stamps. look at the number of people in poverty in this country. >> they expanded who's entitled to get food stamps is why that number is bigger. >> oh, that's why. >> but all of those numbers have improved in the last four years. are you really -- >> why isn't --
7:41 pm
>> i have often said that i agree that's the weakest part of the job market. but at least half of that increase is the -- >> is the -- >> you keep saying george bush. >> what happened to the shovel ready jobs? >> i want to go through interview without you mentioning george bush. >> what about the shovel ready jobs? >> they weren't shovel ready but they were shoveling jobs. >> you were shoveling something, but it's not jobs. >> for the midterm elections i want the republicans to embrace sean hannity's five-point plan. that's the best chance the democrats have. >> let's go through my five-point plan. >> -- say here's what we actually want to do. i think people will reject it. >> let me give you the five-point plan, the penny plan so we stop robbing our kids. cut one penny out of every dollar government spends for six years, you balance the budget. that's one. you disagree with that? >> disagree with the fact or the cutting of one penny? >> you cut one penny out of
7:42 pm
every dollar, every year for six years and we stop robbing our kids. >> as long as you do this in a balanced way, i'm totally for it. >> every dollar that's balanced. >> meaning we -- >> point number two. unemployment rate in midland, texas, zero. it's all about energy. >> my people are in abilene, texas. i agree, exciting, but we got to do that in a safe way. because poisoning the groundwater -- >> there's never been one instance of fracking poisoning groundwater. number three, i want a consensus alternative health care savings accounts to counter obama care. >> now you lost me. for sure. you're all for that website rollout. no. i told you that was the worst rollout in the history of website rollouts. >> you think? >> but just putting it in a savings account so we go back to the world where the insurance companies want to exclude -- doesn't make sense to me. >> isis -- i saw governor rick
7:43 pm
perry and people from yemen, afghanistan, pakistan and syria are crossing the border and we're catching them. >> no. >> hang on. this is fact. i want to control and secure our entire border for national security reasons. are you with me? >> are you going to build a fence? >> whatever it takes. >> look, the problems in this country i do not think are caused by immigration. >> i didn't say immigration. i'm for immigration. legal immigration. >> as am i. >> so control -- i want to control the border so terrorists can't cross it. >> well, i don't want the terrorists to cross the borders for sure. but i want to hear -- >> the details are virtual fence, complete impenetrable border. i want an impenetrable border. >> okay. i am for a secure border. >> i said an impenetrable one. >> i don't think i'm for your impenetrable -- if your impenetrable border is going to make legal immigration much more difficult or as premised. >> i said illegal. i want to end all illegal
7:44 pm
immigration. >> you're going to do something i'm afraid make legal immigration hard. >> so isis terrorists can't get in. >> how much do you want to spend on that? >> whatever it takes. number one national security priority. >> is the mexican border letting in people from yemen? >> there was a reporter dressed up as bin laden and walked across the rio grande. that's a problem. >> the fact it was a reporter and it wasn't bin laden -- >> i sat in a briefing obama should have been -- why do you think people are coming in from the rio grande from yemen, syria and pakistan? >> well, i would like to see your data. >> all right. i got to roll. good to see you. >> good to see you again, sean. we got to do this more often. >> i don't even know why i like you, but i do. next on "hannity". >> we spank kids in the south. i think the question about adrian peterson go overboard. but listen, jim, we all grew up in different environments. >> reaction is pouring in from
7:45 pm
both sides of the aisle in terms of parents about charles barkley's comments over the weekend. our panel will weigh in next. it's monday. a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile.
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welcome back to "hannity." so outspoken nba hall of famer charles barkley ignited quite the controversy when he defended minnesota vikings running back adrian >> every black parent has got to be in jail under those circumstances we have to be careful -- >> doesn't matter where you're from. right is right. wrong is wrong. . >> i don't believe that. we spank kids in the south. i think the question about going overboard. we grew up in environments every black parent in my neighborhood in the south would be in trouble, or in jail under those circumstances. >> earlier today, vikings
7:51 pm
reinstated gibbson so is corporal punishment acceptable form of discipline? joining us now is the author of "teachable moments" mary beth hicks and professor of psychology with us. >> were you hit as a kid? >> no. i got slapped across the face when i was 15. my father spanked me. told me not to speak to his wife like that. >> did you deserve it? >> of course i deserved it. >> my father used to take off his belt, bam, bam, bam, hit me. i didn't like marks on peter son's kid. i had marks when i was a kid. >> yes. >> you know -- do you think he
7:52 pm
was abused? . >> i saw the pictures. i do think it crossed the line. i think skilled parents don't are to take it to that level f you've got good parning skills. >> listen to what charles barkley said. this is how parents grew up. go out, get a switch. you're going to get a welt. that is just the way it, why are we turning this into the government's business? marjorie? >> like i think we need to have standards, sean. most of us would say that he crossed the line. >> look. i didn't like the look of it. what is the punishment going to be? are we going to make him a felon? what? take his kids way from him? what about the parents the kid is acting up in the store and
7:53 pm
gets a whack on the back side. in other words what about all of us that turned out fine? some might on the left argue i was damaged but the most part, i think i'm a well adjusted person. >> right. i think that the slippery slope there. trying to decide if the government or you know authorities get to decide what is appropriate parenting. i do agree with charles barkley. people do get to decide what is appropriate for their kids in their home. i think we can see child abuse and common sense has to apply. he went a little too far. too many marks to me he's admitted he's gone too far. what should we do here? do we want to charge this guy with a felony? is he going to have to take parenting classes, go on oprah, say he's sorry, do a full apology tour? which i never find too sincere.
7:54 pm
>> probably education is in order, sean this, is surprising to me. usually i'm invited on the show to say it's okay to spank their children. so it's fun to say that you know, most psychologists would say don't spank your kids. among those who say it is okay to spank, they usually say -- >> i have a 13-year-old. >> you've got the skills you didn't need to. spanking is the last resort, but it's in your back pocket. >> i keep that belt close, considering i wore it for part of my childhood. all right guys, thank you. >> more "hannity". right after the break. [ mom ] with life insurance, we're not just insuring our lives... we're helping protect his. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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